How to use the styleguide extension

  1. Install the extension styleguide

    In composer based installations it can be installed via

    composer require --dev typo3/cms-styleguide

    For manual installations you can download the extension styleguide from GitHub.

  2. Create a page tree with the examples

    Go to the Help menu (?) > Styleguide. In the styleguide choose tab TCA / Records and then the button Create styleguide page tree with data. After you are done you can delete the example page tree by clicking the other button Delete styleguide page tree and all styleguide data records

  3. Have a look at the examples

    Navigate to the new page tree called styleguide TCA demo, using the List module. Choose a page, for example elements basic, and open the English record. The records in the other languages can be used to see examples of localization and the relation between languages.

  4. Find the corresponding TCA definition

    All TCA examples are called after their type and then numbered. The tables carry the same name as the entry in the page tree, prefixed with tx_styleguide_ therefore you would find the examples from elements_basic at: public/typo3conf/ext/styleguide/Configuration/TCA/tx_styleguide_elements_basic.php.

    Open the file with an editor of your choice. Then search for the name of the field, in this example checkbox_9. You can then have a look at the TCA definition in a working example.

    some image

    The corresponding code