Changing Date and DateTime Default Configurations

This feature was introduced in version 0.0.3. By default the date and dateTime format are respectively %d/%m/%Y and *%d/%m/%Y %H:%M. Each date and dateTime field can have a separate configuration using the format attribute for that field in the SAV Library Kickstarter or using the page TSConfig as explained above.

Global changes can also be performed at the extension or library levels in TypoScript. The priority for the default are extension level if any, else library level if any, else the default format. For example, the two following TypoScript instructions respectively modify the default date format only for the extension sav_library_example0 and the default dateTime format for all extensions using SAV Library Plus. = %d.%m.%Y
plugin.tx_savlibraryplus.format.dateTime = %d.%m.%Y %H:%M

You may also want to apply the changes only for one form in one specific extension. The syntax becomes: = yourFormat