Changing the Date Picker Default Configurations

Style Sheet

There are several style sheets provided with the date picker. The default CSS is calendar-win2k-2.css. You can change the default CSS at the extension level or library level by using the following TypoScript configuration:

plugin.tx_yourExtensionNameWithoutUnderscores_pi1. datePicker.stylesheet = yourFormat
plugin.tx_savlibraryplus.datePicker.stylesheet = yourStyleSheet

For example:

plugin.tx_savlibraryplus.datePicker.stylesheet = EXT:sav_library_plus/Classes/DatePicker/css/calendar-tas.css

Tooltip and Title Bar Formats

The date format of the tooltip (footer bar of the date picker) or the title bar can be changed at the extension or library level by the following TypoScript configuration:

plugin.tx_yourExtensionNameWithoutUnderscores_pi1.datePicker.format.toolTipDate = yourFormat
plugin.tx_savlibraryplus.datePicker.format.toolTipDate =  yourFormat

plugin.tx_yourExtensionNameWithoutUnderscores_pi1.datePicker.format.titleBarDate = yourFormat
plugin.tx_savlibraryplus.datePicker.format.titleBarDate =  yourFormat

Default values for the title bar is %B, %Y and depends on the language for the tool tip (see the variable Calendar._TT[“TT_DATE_FORMAT”] in files in the directory Classes/DatePicker/lang).