Using the Extension

Create a page and insert a plugin content element and select CD Collection in the plugin selector.

The configuration of the plugin is performed by means of a flexform which comes with default values. Just select your form name, that is CD Album in the Select form selector, save your content element and clear the cache .

Add your CD categories in the Back End (in list mode, create one or several CD Category records: Rock, Jazz, Pop…).

Finally, go to your page in the frontend and add items to your collection.


As it can be seen, a new icon is associated with the fields artist and album_title. It indicates that these fields are required (if you have selected Required as shown in the video, of course!). You will not be able to save your record if you do not fill these fields and an error message will be displayed.

Let us note that you can also mark any field as required using the configuration parameter:

required = 1;

You can use a date picker by clicking on the button associated with a date.

The icons displayed for the RTE depend on the frontend configuration of the RTE.