Routing - “Speaking URLs” With SAV Library Plus

All extensions built with the SAV Library Kickstarter to work with the SAV Library Plus extension use the parameter sav_library_plus in the URLs.

The SAV Library Plus extension is provided with a specific mapper to generate human readable links to Single views for items in List views. The provided mapper SavLibraryPlusPattern can be used with the Simple Enhancer.


See the Routing - “Speaking URLs” in TYPO3 section of the Main TYPO3 Core documentation for details.

The following configuration illustrates the configuration for the sav_library_example0 extension. The options limitToPages and formName must be adapted to your page uid and content uid.

    type: Simple
    limitToPages: [98]
    routePath: '/{sav_library_plus}'
      sav_library_plus: 'sav_library_plus'
        type: SavLibraryPlusPatternMapper
        formName: 'sav_library_example0_test_133'
        tableName: 'tx_savlibraryexample0_table1'
        routeFieldPattern: '^(?P<uid>\d+)-(?P<field1>.+)$'
        routeFieldResult: '{uid}-{field1}'

The configuration of the mapper SavLibraryPlusPatternMapper is quite similar to the mapper PersistedPatternMapper. The option formName is required. The syntax for this option is the following :


In the given confguration example, the three parts are :

  • extensionName = sav_library_example0
  • formName = test (the name used for the form in the SAV Library Kickstarter, in lower case)
  • contentObjectUid = 133 (the uid of the plugin content object)


To adapt the configuration to your needs:

  • Set the limitToPages option to your page uid.
  • Change the formName option according to the syntax explained above.
  • Adapt the routeFieldPattern and the routeFieldResult options.


  • uid is mandatory in the routeFieldPattern and the routeFieldResult options.