Changing the Default Icons and Images

The extension sav_library_plus comes with default icons and images which are respectively in the directory Resources/Public/Icons and Resources/Public/Images. There are several ways of changing icons and images. When changing an icon, you may also change the file extension. Allowed extensions are .gif, .png, .jpg or .jpeg. For example, you may replace the icon file calendar.gif by calendar.png. If icons with the same name but different extensions are in the icon directory, the priority is .gif first, then .png then .jpg and finally .jpeg.

At the Library Level

Changes are made in TypoScript and will be applied to all extensions using the SAV Library Plus. The syntax is the following:

plugin.tx_savlibraryplus.iconRootPath = yourIconRootPath
plugin.tx_savlibraryplus.imageRootPath = yourImageRootPath

At the Extension Level

There are two different ways of changing the icon or images root paths.

  1. Create a Resources/Public/Icons (resp. Resources/Public/Images) directory in the generated extension in which you put your icon files with the same names as in the default directory Resources/Public/Icons (resp. Resources/Public/Images) in the extension sav_library_plus.
  2. Create a directory where you want in the fileadmin directory, in which you put your icon files with the same names as in the default directory. Then, in the Setup of your template, write:
plugin.tx_yourExtensionNameWithoutUnderscores_pi1.iconRootPath = yourIconRootPath
plugin.tx_yourExtensionNameWithoutUnderscores_pi1.iconImagePath = yourImageRootPath

where yourExtensionNameWithoutUnderscores is the key of the extension you have created with the SAV Library Kickstarter, but without underscores if any, and yourIconRootPath (resp. yourImageRootPath)is the relative path of the directory where you have put your icons (resp. images).

You may also want to apply the changes only for one form in one specific extension. The syntax becomes:

plugin.tx_yourExtensionNameWithoutUnderscores_pi1.formName.iconRootPath = yourIconRootPath
plugin.tx_yourExtensionNameWithoutUnderscores_pi1.formName.iconImagePath = yourImageRootPath