Changing the Default Template for the Views

The extension sav_library_plus comes with default templates for the views. Templates, layouts, partials are respectively in the directory Resources/Private/Templates/Default, Resources/Private/Layouts and Resources/Private/Partials. There are several ways of changing them.

At the Library Level

Changes are made in TypoScript and will be applied to all extensions using the SAV Library Plus. The syntax is the following for the template, layout and partial root paths:

plugin.tx_savlibraryplus.templateRootPath = yourTemplateRootPath
plugin.tx_savlibraryplus.layoutRootPath = yourLayoutRootPath
plugin.tx_savlibraryplus.partialRootPath = yourPartialRootPath

The default partials directory Resources/Private/Partials contains the defaut title bars and footers respectively in TitleBars and Footers sub-directories. If you use your own partials, your destination directory must have the same organization and must contain the same files as in the default partials directories. It may happen that you want to change only the title bar or the footer for one type of view, for example the EditView as in Tutorial 8. The syntax is the following where viewType is either listView, singleView or editView:

plugin.tx_savlibraryplus.viewType.partialRootPath = yourPartialRootPath

In that case your partials directory needs only to contain the partials for the title bar and the footer of the given view (see sav_library_example8).

At the Extension Level

Changes are made in TypoScript and will be applied to one specific extension. The syntax is the following:

plugin.tx_yourExtensionNameWithoutUnderscores_pi1.templateRootPath = yourTemplateRootPath
plugin.tx_yourExtensionNameWithoutUnderscores_pi1.layoutRootPath = yourLayoutRootPath
plugin.tx_yourExtensionNameWithoutUnderscores_pi1.partialRootPath = yourPartialRootPath

You may also want to apply the changes only for one form in one specific extension. The syntax becomes:

plugin.tx_yourExtensionNameWithoutUnderscores_pi1.formName.templateRootPath = yourTemplateRootPath
plugin.tx_yourExtensionNameWithoutUnderscores_pi1.formName.layoutRootPath = yourLayoutRootPath
plugin.tx_yourExtensionNameWithoutUnderscores_pi1.formName.partialRootPath = yourPartialRootPath

To change the partial root path for a specific view type, please use:

plugin.tx_yourExtensionNameWithoutUnderscores_pi1.viewType.partialRootPath = yourPartialRootPath
plugin.tx_yourExtensionNameWithoutUnderscores_pi1.formName.viewType.partialRootPath = yourPartialRootPath

At the Page Level

Changes are made by means of the Page TSConfig. The syntax is the following:

tx_yourExtensionNameWithoutUnderscores_pi1.formName.templateRootPath = yourTemplateRootPath
tx_yourExtensionNameWithoutUnderscores_pi1.formName.layoutRootPath = yourLayoutRootPath
tx_yourExtensionNameWithoutUnderscores_pi1.formName.partialRootPath = yourPartialRootPath

To change the partial root path for a specific view type, please use:

tx_yourExtensionNameWithoutUnderscores_pi1.formName.viewType.partialRootPath = yourPartialRootPath