How to?

How to Specify the Size of the Image?

The image is displayed in the List and Single views. The following configuration parameters define a 50x50 image, for example in the List view:

width = 50;
height = 50;

How to Change the Number of Items Displayed by Page in the List View?

By default, the Max number of items in the flexform is set to 10, just change this number. Setting this number to 0 will display all items. Using the default configuration, you will get:


Now, if you set Max number of item to 2, you will obtain:


How to Introduce an Alphabetic Selector?

It is often useful to select records based on, for example, the first letter of the name. The extension sav_filters was specially built to deal with this problem.

  • Download sav_filters from the TER, read the documentation and install it.
  • Add the plugin sav_filters as a content element in the same page as the extension sav_library_example1.
  • Configure the flexform by filling the table name and the field name. A Context Sensitive Help is available.
  • Save your configuration and go in the frontend.

Only the letters corresponding to the first letter of existing records can be selected. Click on a letter to select the records.