Other examples

If you have reached this part of this manual, you are familiar with form and field configurations.

This section describes simple or more complex examples that were designed to answer to specific problems. Most often, they are used as tools for an intranet. They are shared with the TYPO3 community to illustrate the simplicity and the power of the SAV Library Kickstarter. They are provided as it and will probably have no updated version. Download extensions from GitHub, open them in the SAV Library Kickstarter, analyze the configurations and adapt them to your problem.

In the following, each extension will be shortly described and illustrated by several screenshots. Useful information are provided when needed.

Downloading documents (sav_download)

What Does it Do?

The extension sav_download is a very simple extension which makes it possible to download documents. A new icon indicates the new documents during 15 days and icons are associated with the file type (see the field configurations). Sorting is available by clicking on Date or Category in the title bar.



Minutes of Meetings (sav_meetings)

What Does It Do?

The extension sav_meetings was designed to enter and display the minutes of a meeting for a group of frontend users, for example a management team or a development team. Each member of the group may enter items that will be discussed during the meeting. A meeting has a date and belongs to a category (for example a project for a development team). An item is proposed by a member of the group. It has a name and an expected duration. A report is associated with it. Up and down icons are displayed to reorganize the items. A delete icon makes it possible to delete one item. A save button with an anchor is displayed to make the saving more comfortable when the minutes are taken during the meeting.

Useful Information

By default the group of frontend users is sav_meetings. The selectors for the participants and the proposed_by fields filter the fe_users table with this group. See the configuration of these fields for the Edit view. It includes the following property:


If you do not want to use this group name nor modify the extension, you can overload this property using the facility provided by the SAV Library Extension Generator (see: Changing the field configuration ). Edit the page properties and add the following lines in the TSConfig field (see the folder tab Options in the flexform of the page properties). The group that will be used is now testgroup.

tx_savmeetings.Meetings.editView.fields.participants.whereSelect = ###group_list=testgroup###
tx_savmeetings.Meetings.editView.fields.tx_savmeetings_item.proposed_by.whereSelect = ###group_list=testgroup###