Extension Overview

Extension Configuration



This extension relies on three views:

  • A List view which displays all the items associated with the query,
  • A Single view which displays only information associated with one item,
  • An Edit view which makes it possible to edit an item in the frontend.

Let us note that most extensions deal with one form with three views: one view to list the items, one view to display an item and one view to edit an item. However, an extension may only have one List view. It can also contain several forms with different views as it is explained in Tutorial 7. Click on the List view to open it.


The item template defines how each item will be displayed. In general, it is an <ul> list with <li> elements which contain the fields to display. Fields must be written as markers ###fieldname###.

Click on the help icon to get more information.

Then, click on the Single and Edit views where no specific configurations are required.



Each form has an associated query to select the items that will be displayed in the List view. Use the Context Sensitive Help icon to get the description associated with each field.



The Form section is the place where the forms are specified, i.e. the views and the query are selected. Use the Context Sensitive Help icon to get the description associated with each field.


Field Configuration

A specific configuration can be provided for each field in each view. Configuration are available in the database table. Click on the data base table. Three tabs associated with your three views have been generated. By clicking on a tab, then on a field you will see the configuration parameters of all the field for the selected view. The Context Sensitive Help icon provides on line information about the allowed attribute for the field type (see also the SAV Library Kickstarter Reference for the description of the attributes).