Breaking: #88129 - Renamed felogin flexform fields

See forge#88129


In preparation to forge#84262 the felogin flexform field definition has been changed and all field names are now prefixed with settings.. This has been done to easily access all of the flexform values in the later extbase controller via $this->settings['foo'] and also in the fluid templates via {}.


Any PageTsConfig that overrides felogin flexform fields will be ignored.

Affected Installations

All installations with a felogin plugin need to migrate their flexform database values. PageTsConfig that overrides the flexform needs to be adjusted.


An update wizard is provided to easily update all used felogin plugins. To migrate the flexform values, execute Migrate felogin plugins to use prefixed flexform keys.

All PageTsConfig that overrides felogin flexform fields e.g. TCEFORM.tt_content.pi_flexform.login.sDEF.showForgotPassword.disabled = 1 needs to add the settings. prefix to the keys. Note the escaping backslash! TCEFORM.tt_content.pi_flexform.login.sDEF.settings\.showForgotPassword.disabled = 1.