Breaking: #88741 - cHash calculation in indexed search removed

See forge#88741


When indexing a page, the indexer of Indexed search previously kept the used cHash and the used "cHashParams" for storing search entries. This is not necessary anymore, as Site Handling now contains the relevant arguments already in the search entry as well. This can be removed now.

In addition, when setting up an Indexing configuration, the option to respect cHash is removed, as this is done automatically when needed.

The public property TYPO3\CMS\IndexedSearch\Indexer->cHashParams has been removed.

The sixth method argument of TYPO3\CMS\IndexedSearch\Indexer->backend_initIndexer() has been removed.

The following database fields are unused and have been removed:

  • index_config.chashcalc
  • index_phash.cHashParams

The database field index_debug.debuginfo now contains data stored in a JSON-formatted string instead of a serialized PHP string.


Manual database queries accessing the database fields will result in SQL errors.

In addition, accessing the removed property or using the sixth argument of the changed public method will have no effect anymore.

Affected Installations

TYPO3 installations using Indexed Search and custom configuration or extending functionality of Indexed Search.


No migration needed, as everything works as before. The data is now stored in the database field as JSON-encoded string index_phash.static_page_arguments.

In case of using debug information for Indexed Search (index with enabled debug information), where data was previously stored in index_debug.debuginfo as serialized PHP string, indexing needs to be rebuilt, but only to render the debug information properly in the TYPO3 Backend module. If debug information is not enabled, re-indexing is not necessary.