Feature: #80420 - Allow multiple recipients in email finisher

See forge#80420


Mails sent by the EmailFinisher of EXT:form can now have multiple recipients. For this the following new finisher options have been added:

  • recipients (To)
  • replyToRecipients (Reply-To)
  • carbonCopyRecipients (CC)
  • blindCarbonCopyRecipients (BCC)

These options must contain a YAML hash with email addresses as keys and recipient names as values:

  first@example.org: First Recipient
  second@example.org: Second Recipient

Additionally this now allows for setting the name of a CC and BCC recipient:

  firstCC@example.org: First CC Recipient

The form editor in the backend module provides a visual UI to enter an arbitrary amount of recipients.


Mails sent by EXT:form can be sent to multiple recipients, optionally via CC or BCC. Replies can be sent to multiple recipients.