Feature: #89115 - Auto slug update and redirect creation on slug change

See forge#89115


If EXT:redirects is installed and a slug is updated by a backend user, a redirect from the old URL to the new URL will be created. All sub pages are checked too and the slugs will be updated.

After the creation of the redirects a notification will be shown to the user.

The notification contains two possible actions:

  • revert the complete slug update and remove the redirects
  • or only remove the redirects

This new behaviour can be configured by site configuration (Example for your config.yaml):

     # Automatically update slugs of all sub pages
     # (default: true)
     autoUpdateSlugs: true
     # Automatically create redirects for pages with a new slug (works only in LIVE workspace)
     # (default: true)
     autoCreateRedirects: true
     # Time To Live in days for redirect records to be created - `0` disables TTL, no expiration
     # (default: 0)
     redirectTTL: 30
     # HTTP status code for the redirect, see
     # https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTTP/Redirections#Temporary_redirections
     # (default: 307)
     httpStatusCode: 307