Feature: #89115 - Auto slug update and redirect creation on slug change

See forge#89115


If EXT:redirects is installed and a slug is updated by a backend user, a redirect from the old URL to the new URL will be created. All sub pages are checked too and the slugs will be updated.

After the creation of the redirects a notification will be shown to the user.

The notification contains two possible actions:

  • revert the complete slug update and remove the redirects

  • or only remove the redirects

This new behaviour can be configured by site configuration (Example for your config.yaml):

     # Automatically update slugs of all sub pages
     # (default: true)
     autoUpdateSlugs: true
     # Automatically create redirects for pages with a new slug (works only in LIVE workspace)
     # (default: true)
     autoCreateRedirects: true
     # Time To Live in days for redirect records to be created - `0` disables TTL, no expiration
     # (default: 0)
     redirectTTL: 30
     # HTTP status code for the redirect, see
     # https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTTP/Redirections#Temporary_redirections
     # (default: 307)
     httpStatusCode: 307


No redirects are generated for workspace versions in the TYPO3 backend. settings.redirect.autoCreateRedirects is internally disabled in this case.


This API is considered experimental and may change anytime until declared being stable. For example there exists plans for moving the settings out of the config.yaml file.