Feature: #89142 - Create site configuration if page is created on root level

See forge#89142


When creating a typical new page on the root level of a TYPO3 installation, a new site configuration is now automatically created as well. This makes it easier to work with multi-sites and get a basic configuration set up more quickly than before.

Under the hood, a new DataHandler hook checks for new pages being one of the following page types:

  • Default pages
  • Links
  • Shortcuts

The entry point consists of the current domain where the configuration has been created, plus a short identifier using the page uid and the prefix "site", e.g. https://example.com/site-42.

The identifier of the site uses the entry point without the domain, and a MD5 hash of the page id to avoid potential conflicts for existing site configurations. An identifier may look like site-42-a1d0c6e83f.


A new site configuration with a pre-defined identifier, entry point and a default language gets created automatically.

Ideally, there are no scenarios anymore where a site needs to be created after a first page is created, avoiding any issues related to Slug handling for root pages, which are always set to / by default.