Feature: #88902 - Feature Switch: Redirect and Base Redirect Middlewares can be reordered

See forge#88902


A new feature switch rearrangedRedirectMiddlewares has been introduced to rearrange the middlewares typo3/cms-redirects/redirecthandler and typo3/cms-frontend/base-redirect-resolver. If enabled, the middlewares are executed in reversed order, so the typo3/cms-redirects/redirecthandler comes first.

The new ordering aims to be a better default shipped by the TYPO3 core but might still need adjustment due to specific configuration setups.

The feature switch is turned off by default to assure a non-breaking behaviour.


If turned on, the new ordering has the following implications:

By putting the typo3/cms-frontend/base-redirect-resolver last, redirects are always resolved even if no configured base URL was requested. In most cases this is considered to be a bugfix. However, redirect behavior might change.

Custom middlewares that have been put in between the two above mentioned middlewares most likely will lead to a circular dependency exception now. Such custom middlewares have to be revisited and registered differently.