Feature: #88950 - Add "storeSession" argument to Widget ViewHelpers

See forge#88950


Widget ViewHelpers, by default, can store the widgets session in the database by utilizing a cookie. In frontend context this would automatically create a fe_typo_user cookie when, for instance, the <f:widget.autocomplete> ViewHelper is used.

As this is not always a desired behaviour (gdpr), a boolean argument storeSession has been added to \TYPO3\CMS\Fluid\Core\Widget\AbstractWidgetViewHelper, which defaults to true and can be used to disable session storage for this ViewHelper.

This will automatically create a fe_typo_user cookie in the frontend:

<f:widget.autocomplete for="name" objects="{posts}" searchProperty="author" />

This will not create a cookie in frontend:

<f:widget.autocomplete for="name" objects="{posts}" searchProperty="author" storeSession="false" />


The default value of the property storeSession is set to true, so no changes need to be done in existing implementations of Widget ViewHelpers.