Important: #92659 - Change TCA configuration of imagewidth & imageheight

See forge#92659


The TCA configuration for tt_content fields imagewidth and imageheight has been simplified. Therefore, the following options have been removed from these fields:

'max' => 4,
'range' => [
  'upper' => 1999

TYPO3 itself shouldn't limit the inputs of an editor by using a number which was assumend to be large, 10 years ago.

If you rely on these options, please provide it in your site package by defining it in Configuration/TCA/Overrides/tt_content.php:

$GLOBALS['TCA']['tt_content']['columns']['imagewidth']['config']['max'] = 4;
$GLOBALS['TCA']['tt_content']['columns']['imagewidth']['config']['range']['upper'] = 1999;

$GLOBALS['TCA']['tt_content']['columns']['imageheight']['config']['max'] = 4;
$GLOBALS['TCA']['tt_content']['columns']['imageheight']['config']['range']['upper'] = 1999;