Breaking: #91066 - Removed ButtonUtility

See forge#91066


The ButtonUtility was superfluous and therefor removed.


You need to remove the usage of the ButtonUtility class, otherwise you will get fatal errors of missing classes.

Affected Installations

All 3rd party extensions that created own widget types with the option to add a button using the ButtonUtility::generateButtonConfig() method are affected.


First of all you need to change one line in your Widget class. When assigning your button parameter to your Fluid Template, you most probably have the following line:

'button' => ButtonUtility::generateButtonConfig($this->buttonProvider),

You have to change that into:

'button' => $this->buttonProvider,

Because you change the variable passed to your template, you also need to do a small change in your template.

In your template in the footer section, you will find a line like this:

<a href="{}" target="{}" class="widget-cta">{f:translate(id: button.text, default: button.text)}</a>

You need to change the text property to the title property. So the line above will become:

<a href="{}" target="{}" class="widget-cta">{f:translate(id: button.title, default: button.title)}</a>