Breaking: #93083 - class.ext_update.php handling removed

See forge#93083


Handling of old class.ext_update.php update scripts has been dropped: The core introduced a much more solid API for extensions to perform upgrades with the release of TYPO3 v9. That API matured and many extensions use it in favor of the clumsy class.ext_update.php solution. Removal of this functionality within the extension manager has been long overdue and is finally done with TYPO3 v11.


The class.ext_update.php was an old way for extensions to perform upgrade steps. The TYPO3 core no longer supports this API.

Affected Installations

Some old-style extensions may still rely on this script. It's usage has been discouraged since the new upgrade wizards API.


Migrate class.ext_update.php to the upgrade wizard API of the Install Tool.