Feature: #92462 - Add optional "defaultValues" argument to newRecord ViewHelpers

See forge#92462


A new optional argument defaultValues is added to the be:uri.newRecord and be:link.newRecord ViewHelpers. The new argument can contain default values for fields of the new record. FormEngine automatically fills the given default values into the corresponding fields.

The syntax is: {tableName: {fieldName: 'value'}}.

Please note that the given default values are added to the url as GET parameters and therefore override default values defined in FormDataProviders or TSconfig.


It is now possible to assign default values to fields of new records using the defaultValues argument in the be:uri.newRecord and be:link.newRecord ViewHelpers.


Link to create a new tt_content record on page 17 with a default value for field header:

<be:link.newRecord table="tt_content" pid="17" defaultValues="{tt_content: {header: 'value'}}" returnUrl="foo/bar">
     New record


<a href="/typo3/index.php?route=/record/edit&edit[tt_content][17]=new&returnUrl=foo/bar&defVals[tt_content][header]=value">
    New record