Feature: #93174 - Lazy console command list

See forge#93174


The TYPO3 command line utility typo3/sysext/core/bin/typo3 has been adapted to avoid instantiating all available console commands during the execution of the default typo3 list command.

This enables commands to inject dependencies that require a fully booted system, or a database connection, without causing the console command list to break or slow down.


New tag properties for the console.command dependency injection tag have been added. The properties control the appearance of console commands in the list output.


The description of the command (default: '').


Command will be hidden from list if true (default: false).

Example of a command registration that includes a description

The command list requires the description to be set next to the command name in Services.yaml in order for descriptions to be shown:

# Configuration/Services.yaml
      - name: 'console.command'
        command: 'my:example'
        description: 'An example command that demonstrates some stuff'
        # not required, defaults to false
        hidden: false


Extension authors should add the description property to existing console.command dependency injection tags. The call to $this->setDescription() in Command::configure() should be removed, as the description, as defined in Services.yaml, will be injected into the command.


Extensions authors are now able to inject arbitrary dependencies in console commands, without impacting the loading of the command list.

Integrators profit from a stable command list that is fast and always available, even if a command is not instantiable or if it inadvertently contains too much logic inside the command constructor.