Feature: #93426 - SVG-based Tree for Folder Navigation with Filter

See forge#93426


The "File" module area (with the "File List" module) has a completely rewritten Navigation Component called FileStorageTree.

This Navigation Component is based on the same functionality as the Page Tree - a SVG-based tree - and also offers lazy loading of multiple nesting levels.

The previous implementation was based on an iframe with much effort to load pure HTML instead of using SVGs. Since the file list component was the last occurrence of using the iframe technology for Navigation Components, this functionality will be marked as deprecated in later TYPO3 v11 releases.

The main benefit of the Folder Navigation based on the SVG tree is the enhanced loading functionality. This way, the Folder Navigation has the exact same look&feel as the Page Tree, and also now contains an always-enabled filter on top of the Component, just as the Page Tree Navigation Component.


The navigation state of the component is stored similarly to the Page Tree as both components benefit from sharing code.

The filter inside the Folder Navigation allows to search for a folder or storage name, and even file names (no search through meta-data). Users can filter for e.g. ".pdf" to show all available folders where PDF files are stored.

Extension Authors who want to use a file-related navigation component in their own extension can do this by specifying the navigationComponentId

        'navigationComponentId' => 'TYPO3/CMS/Backend/Tree/FileStorageTreeContainer',
        'routeTarget' => \MyVendor\MyExtension\Controller\FileRelatedController::class . '::indexAction',
        'access' => 'user,group',
        'name' => 'myext_file',
        'icon' => 'EXT:myextension/Resources/Public/Icons/module-file-related.svg',
        'labels' => 'LLL:EXT:myextension/Resources/Private/Language/Modules/file_related.xlf'