Feature: #93455 - Backend Routes restricted to specified HTTP methods

See forge#93455


Individual Backend Routes in TYPO3 Backend can now be configured to only apply for specific HTTP methods (e.g. GET or POST).

This way, custom Backend routes can be limited to only allow submitted form content to be delivered via HTTP POST for example.

The underlying symfony routing component, which is already used in TYPO3 Backend for routing through the proper API, is handling the restriction to the HTTP method / verb automatically.


Any Backend route, configured in extensions via EXT:my_extension/Configuration/Backend/Routes.php and EXT:my_extension/Configuration/Backend/AjaxRoutes.php has a new, optional property methods, which expects an array to set one or more HTTP verbs, such as GET, POST, PUT or DELETE.

If no property is given, no restriction to a HTTP method is set.


return [
   'my_route' => [
      'path' => '/benni/my-route',
      'methods' => ['POST'],
      'target' => MyVendor\MyPackage\Controller\MyRouteController::class . '::submitAction'