Feature: #93794 - Override TCA description with TSconfig

See forge#93794


The TCA description, introduced in forge#85410, allows to define a description for a TCA field, next to its label. Since the purpose of a field may change depending on the current page, it is now possible to override the TCA description property with page TSconfig.

TCEFORM.aTable.aField.description = override description

As already known from other properties, this can also be configured for a specific language.

TCEFORM.aTable.aField.description.de = override description for DE

The option can be used on a per record type basis, too.

TCEFORM.aTable.aField.types.aType.description = override description for aType

Also referencing language labels is supported.

TCEFORM.aTable.aField.description = LLL:EXT:my_ext/Resources/Private/Language/locallang.xlf:override_description


The new option can not only be used to override an existing property, but also to set a description for a field, that has not yet been configured a description in TCA.