Feature: #93857 - Resizable navigation component for all element / record selectors

See forge#93857


The newly introduced possibility to resize and/or collapse the navigation frame (e.g. Page Tree) in the main backend has been additionally added to all Element Browser / Record Selectors, and Link Picker selections.

All modal areas with a Page Tree or File-based Folder Tree now contain the same feature-set of collapsing / resizing, except that the width is not installation-wide but is kept for the main navigation area (initially 300 pixels) in a different place (set in the backend user's uc navigation.width property) than for the element browsers modal areas (initially 250 pixels, set in the backend user's uc selector.navigation.width property).

A custom Lit-based web component is added, which is now re-used in various places, and uses the same markup in all contexts.


Any backend user is now able to resize / collapse the navigation area in the Record Selectors / Element Browser shipped with TYPO3 Core.