Deprecation: #94313 - AbstractService class

See forge#94313


The TYPO3\CMS\Core\Service\AbstractService class is part of the ancient Service API. This API did not really prevail, except it's usage for the authentication process.

Since the authentication service related functionality was already decoupled over the last years, the AbstractService got finally unused in Core since forge#88646. Therefore it has now been marked as deprecated.


Extending this class does not raise a deprecation error level log entry. The class contains only a @deprecated class annotation. Extension classes can still extend this class in v11 without impact, it will raise a PHP fatal error in v12, when the class is dropped.

Affected Installations

As mentioned, the Service API never found many usages in casual extensions. It is therefore pretty unlikely that well maintained projects are affected. The extension scanner will find any class usages as a strong match.


Remove any usage of this class in your extension. In case you currently extend AbstractService for use in an authentication service, which might be the most common scenario, you have to change your service class to extend from AbstractAuthenticationService instead.

In case you currently extend AbstractService for another kind of service, which is rather unlikely, you have to implement the necessary methods in your service class yourself. Please see Service Implementation for more details about the required methods. However, even better would be to completely migrate away from the Service API (look for GeneralUtility::makeInstanceService()), since the Core will deprecate these related methods as well.