Deprecation: #94762 - Deprecate JavaScript top.fsMod state

See forge#94762


The JavaScript object top.fsMod manages the "state" for page-tree and file-tree related contexts in the backend user-interface like this:

  • top.fsMod.recentIds.web contained the current ("recent") page or file related identifier details were shown for
  • top.fsMod.navFrameHighlightedID.web contained the currently selected identifier that was highlighted in page-tree or file-tree
  • top.fsMod.currentBank contained the current mount point or file mount ("bank") used in page-tree or file-tree

To get rid of inline JavaScript and reduce usage of JavaScript top.*, mentioned top.fsMod has been marked as deprecated and replaced by new component TYPO3/CMS/Backend/Storage/ModuleStateStorage.


As fall-back, reading from top.fsMod is still possible, changing data will cause a JavaScript exception.

Affected Installations

Sites using custom modifications for JavaScript aspects in the backend user interface relying on top.fsMod.


New ModuleStorage component is capable of providing similar behavior, corresponding state is written to sessionStorage and available for current client user session (per browser tab).

import {ModuleStateStorage} from '../Storage/ModuleStateStorage';
let identifier: string, selection: string|null, mount: string|null;

// reading state
// -------------

const currentState = ModuleStateStorage.current('web');

identifier = top.fsMod.recentIds.web; // deprecated
identifier = currentState.identifier; // replacement

selection = top.fsMod.navFrameHighlightedID.web; // deprecated
selection = currentState.selection; // replacement

mount = top.fsMod.currentBank; // deprecated
mount = currentState.mount; // replacement

// updating state
// --------------

// ModuleStateStorage.update(module, identifier, selected, mount?)
ModuleStateStorage.update('web', 123, true, '0');

// ModuleStateStorage.updateWithCurrentMount(module, identifier, selected)
ModuleStateStorage.updateWithCurrentMount('web', 123, true);