Deprecation: #94902 - Deprecate lowerCamelCase options of EXT:impexp commands

See forge#94902


The CLI commands impexp:export and impexp:import offered lowerCamelCased options, while the other TYPO3 Core commands offer lowercase options only. The lowercase option aliases were introduced in both commands and the lowerCamelCased options were marked as deprecated and will be removed in TYPO3 v12.


If the CLI commands impexp:export or impexp:import are executed with lowerCamelCased options, a PHP E_USER_DEPRECATED error is raised.

Affected Installations

Any TYPO3 installation using lowerCamelCased options with commands impexp:export or impexp:import.


Switch to the lower-cased option aliases:

  1. impexp:export --includeRelated => impexp:export --include-related

  2. impexp:export --includeStatic => impexp:export --include-static

  3. impexp:export --excludeDisabledRecords => impexp:export --exclude-disabled-records

  4. impexp:export --excludeHtmlCss => impexp:export --exclude-html-css

  5. impexp:export --saveFilesOutsideExportFile => impexp:export --save-files-outside-export-file

  6. impexp:import --updateRecords => impexp:import --update-records

  7. impexp:import --ignorePid => impexp:import --ignore-pid

  8. impexp:import --forceUid => impexp:import --force-uid

  9. impexp:import --importMode => impexp:import --import-mode

  10. impexp:import --enableLog => impexp:import --enable-log