Deprecation: #95009 - Passing TypoScript configuration as constructor argument to Exception handler

See forge#95009


With config.contentObjectExceptionHandler it's possible to adjust the exception handler behavior of the frontend. It's even possible to use an own exception handler class. Previously, the TypoScript configuration was therefore passed to the exception handler via a constructor argument. This has now been deprecated to allow the use of DI.

The configuration will now be passed using the new setConfiguration() method. This method will be enforced by the ExceptionHandlerInterface in TYPO3 v12.


Using a custom exception handler, while not implementing the setConfiguration() method will trigger a deprecation log entry. The method will be enforced in TYPO3 v12.

Affected Installations

All installations defining a custom exception handler via the TypoScript configuration config.contentObjectExceptionHandler, while not implementing the setConfiguration() method.


Remove the $configuration argument from the constructor of any custom exception handler class and implement the setConfiguration() method instead.