Deprecation: #95011 - Various global JavaScript functions and variables

See forge#95011


The following globally available variables in TYPO3 Backend's JavaScript code have been marked as deprecated:

  • top.currentSubScript
  • top.currentModuleLoaded
  • top.nextLoadModuleUrl

In addition the global JavaScript function jump() has been marked as deprecated as well.

This functionality has been around for a very long time, and is superseded by TYPO3's Module Menu Component (since 4.5) and the newly introduced Backend Routing Component in JavaScript since TYPO3 v11.


The variables will work and be filled as expected in TYPO3 v11, but will not be available anymore in TYPO3 v12.

Calling jump() will trigger a JavaScript warning in ones' browser console.

Affected Installations

TYPO3 installations with custom extensions which utilize Backend JavaScript and using the legacy functionality, which is highly unlikely.


Use the ModuleMenu JavaScript API or the Router API to find out the current module or go to a specific route:

const router = document.querySelector('typo3-backend-module-router');
router.setAttribute('endpoint', url);
router.setAttribute('module', moduleName);