Breaking: #97214 - Use UploadedFile objects instead of $_FILES

See forge#97214


The TYPO3 request already contains a "disentangled" array of UploadedFile objects. With this change, these UploadedFile objects are now used instead of the superglobal $_FILES in Extbase requests.

Additionally, the FAL ResourceStorage has been adjusted for handling UploadedFile objects and the ExtensionManager upload handling has been adjusted.

The next step would be to further adjust FAL to use only PSR provided methods for handling uploaded files and implementing an API for file uploads in Extbase.


The global $_FILES object is not used in Extbase or the extension manager anymore, instead the PSR request is used.

Affected Installations

All installations extending the TYPO3 Core ResourceStorage object and overwriting the addUploadedFile method.


Extension authors extending the TYPO3 Core resource storage and implementing their own handling of addUploadedFile need to allow objects of type UploadedFile in addition to the old array from global $_FILES.

To do so, switch the type annotation to array|UploadedFile and add code that handles UploadedFile objects and arrays.


if ($uploadedFileData instanceof UploadedFile) {
    $localFilePath = $uploadedFileData->getTemporaryFileName();
    if ($targetFileName === null) {
        $targetFileName = $uploadedFileData->getClientFilename();
    $size = $uploadedFileData->getSize();
} else {
    $localFilePath = $uploadedFileData['tmp_name'];
    if ($targetFileName === null) {
        $targetFileName = $uploadedFileData['name'];
    $size = $uploadedFileData['size'];