Breaking: #97265 - Simplified access mode system

See forge#97265


In preparation of a deployable backend access rights system based on configuration files, some rarely used details of the permission system have been streamlined and simplified:

  • The global configuration option TYPO3_CONF_VARS['BE']['explicitADmode'] has been removed and is not evaluated anymore.

  • The only valid value for TCA config option authMode on 'type' => 'select' fields is now explicitAllow. The values explicitDeny and individual are invalid and no longer evaluated.

  • With removal of authMode' => 'individual' for TCA select fields, the sixth items option is obsolete and removed. The values EXPL_ALLOW and EXPL_DENY are without any effect.

  • Handling of TCA config option authMode_enforce has been removed.

  • The fourth tuple of be_groups field explicit_allowdeny that was previously set to either ALLOW or DENY is removed.

  • The fourth argument on BackendUserAuthentication->checkAuthMode() has been removed.


Using any of the above removed options will trigger a PHP E_USER_DEPRECATED error. Using explicitDeny and individual as value for TCA config option authMode is no longer supported by the system and may need manual adaptions. Accessing $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['BE']['explicitADmode'] may lead to a PHP warning level error.

Affected Installations

  • Instances with extensions using $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['BE']['explicitADmode']. The extension scanner will typically find affected instances.

  • Instances with TCA select fields using 'authMode' => 'explicitDeny'.

  • Instances with TCA select fields using 'authMode' => 'individual' and select items being set to EXPL_ALLOW or EXPL_DENY. This is a very rarely used option and it's unlikely modern extensions use this in practice: There is not a single extension in the TER using this option combination and it's unlikely to be used in custom extensions, either.

  • Instances manually dealing with the explicit_allowdeny of table be_groups may be affected if they expect the fourth field being set to ALLOW or DENY. This is unlikely since the Core provides an API for this field using BackendUserAuthentication->checkAuthMode().

  • Instances calling BackendUserAuthentication->checkAuthMode() with four instead of three arguments. The extension scanner will find usages as weak match.

  • Instances using authMode_enforce for 'type' => 'select' fields.


The majority of instances does not need to take care of anything. The values of the database field explicit_allowdeny for table be_groups are updated with an upgrade wizard. This should be executed. The following parts of this section outline options for rare cases if specific seldom used options are used.

Accessing explicitADmode

The handling of $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['BE']['explicitADmode'] has been changed as if it is always set to explicitAllow. Extensions should not assume this global array key being set anymore since TYPO3 Core v12. Extensions that need to stay compatible with v11 and v12 should fall back: $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['BE']['explicitADmode'] ?? 'explicitAllow'.

Using authMode_enforce='strict'

Extensions with select fields using authMode previously had different handling if authMode_enforce => 'strict' has been set: Let's say an editor accesses a record with an authMode field being set to a value it has no access to. With authMode_enforce not being set to strict, the editor was still able to edit the record and set the value to something it had access to. With authMode_enforce being set to strict, the editor was not allowed to access the record. This has been streamlined: The backend interface no longer renders those records for the editor and an "access denied" message is rendered instead. To prevent this, a group this editor is member of needs to be adapted to allow access to this particular value in the "Explicitly allow field values" (explicit_allowdeny) field.

Using authMode='explicitDeny'

The "deny list" approach for single field values has been removed, the only allowed option for authMode is explicitAllow. Extensions using config value explicitDeny should be adapted to switch to explicitAllow instead. The upgrade wizard "Migrate backend groups "explicit_allowdeny" field to simplified format." that transfers existing be_groups rows to the new format drops any DENY fields and instructs admins no set new access rights of affected backend groups.

Using authMode='individual'

Handling of authMode being set to individual has been fully dropped. There is no Core-provided alternative. This has been an obscure setting since ever and there is no direct migration. Extension that rely on this handling need to find a substitution based on Core hooks, Core events or other existing Core API functionality.