Breaking: #97305 - Introduce CSRF-like login token

See forge#97305


\TYPO3\CMS\Core\Authentication\AbstractUserAuthentication requires a CSRF-like request-token to continue with the authentication process and to create an actual server-side user session.

The request-token has to be submitted by one of these ways:

  • HTTP body, e.g. in <form> via parameter __request_token
  • HTTP header, e.g. in XHR via header X-TYPO3-Request-Token


Core user authentication is protected by a CSRF-like request-token, to mitigate Login CSRF.

Custom implementations for login templates or client-side authentication handling have to be adjusted to submit the required request-token.

Affected installations

Sites having custom implementations for login templates or client-side authentication.


The \TYPO3\CMS\Core\Security\RequestToken signed with a \TYPO3\CMS\Core\Security\Nonce needs to be sent as JSON Web Token (JWT) to the server-side application handling of the Core user authentication process. The scope needs to be core/user-auth/be or core/user-auth/fe - depending on whether authentication is applied in the website's backend or frontend context.

Example for overridden backend login HTML template (ext:backend)

--- a/typo3/sysext/backend/Resources/Private/Layouts/Login.html
+++ b/typo3/sysext/backend/Resources/Private/Layouts/Login.html
 <input type="hidden" name="redirect_url" value="{redirectUrl}" />
 <input type="hidden" name="loginRefresh" value="{loginRefresh}" />
+<input type="hidden" name="{requestTokenName}" value="{requestTokenValue}" />

Example for overridden frontend login HTML template (ext:felogin)

--- a/typo3/sysext/felogin/Resources/Private/Templates/Login/Login.html
+++ b/typo3/sysext/felogin/Resources/Private/Templates/Login/Login.html
-<f:form target="_top" fieldNamePrefix="" action="login">
+<f:form target="_top" fieldNamePrefix="" action="login" requestToken="{requestToken}">

More details are explained in corresponding documentation on Feature #87616: Introduce CSRF-like request-token handling.