Breaking: #98455 - Removed devbridge-autocomplete

See forge#98455


The jQuery library devbridge-autocomplete used to provide an auto-suggest feature has been removed from TYPO3 along with its CSS.


Importing the module jquery/autocomplete and calling .autocomplete() on a jQuery object will lead to JavaScript errors.

Affected installations

All extensions relying on devbridge-autocomplete are affected.


If absolutely mandatory, install and import devbridge-autocomplete in your extension or site package.

Otherwise, remove the import of jquery/autocomplete from your JavaScript code and implement an auto-suggest feature on your own by combining the modules @typo3/core/event/debounce-event and @typo3/core/ajax/ajax-request.

Listen on the input event on an input field using DebounceEvent, send an AJAX request to the endpoint, and render the returned result list. Finally, bind a click event handler on each result item that executes the desired action and hides the result list again.