Breaking: #98455 - Changed definition of FormEngine suggest item

See forge#98455


The definition of an item used in the FormEngine auto-suggest list has changed. The following properties are unused now and were therefore removed:

  • text - contained a pre-composed text including markup rendered in an result item

  • style - was unused already

  • class - was unused already

  • sprite - contained a pre-composed markup of the icon being rendered

The property icon is added and is an array containing the identifier of an icon and optionally an overlay identifier.


$icon = $this->iconFactory->getIconForRecord($this->table, $row, Icon::SIZE_SMALL);
$entry = [
    // ...
    'icon' => [
        'identifier' => $icon->getIdentifier(),
        'overlay' => $icon->getOverlayIcon()?->getIdentifier(),


The removed properties text, style, class, and sprite are ignored if still supplied by custom suggest wizards. Also, the icon property must be provided.

The removed property text also affects potential renderFunc callbacks configured in the field's TCA.

Affected installations

All extensions having a custom suggest wizard or providing a renderFunc are affected.


Albeit rarely used, custom suggest wizards need to adjust the suggest items in their queryTable() method. Potential render methods defined in the TCA field's renderFunc config may not manipulate an entry's text property.