Deprecation: #96500 - ContentObjectRenderer->getMailTo

See forge#96500


Since forge#96483, the <> ViewHelper is directly using TypoLink for the email link generation. As a result, the ContentObjectRenderer->getMailTo() method was only used in EmailLinkBuilder, the central place for building email links with TypoLink.

To stick to the separation of concerns principle, the corresponding functionality has been moved to EmailLinkBuilder->processEmailLink() and the ContentObjectRenderer->getMailTo() method has been marked as deprecated.


Calling ContentObjectRenderer->getMailTo() will trigger a PHP E_USER_DEPRECATED error. The extension scanner will find usages as weak match.

Affected Installations

All installations directly calling ContentObjectRenderer->getMailTo() in custom extension code.


All occurrences in extension code have to be replaced by EmailLinkBuilder->processEmailLink().