Feature: #92749 - Improve content object initialization in HtmlViewHelper

See forge#92749


New options are available for the f:format.html ViewHelper, related to the initialization of the underlying content object. The options are similar to the ones, available for the f:cObject ViewHelper.

With the data argument an integrator can pass an array or an object (e.g. a domain model), which will be used as data record on initialization.

With the currentValueKey argument, one can specify the array key of the provided data record, which should be used as the current value.

Alternatively, one can use the new current argument to set a static value as current value for the content object.

Additionally, with the table argument, the ContentObjectRenderer receives the table name, the given data record is from.


Access a news record title with CURRENT:1 and resolve a marker:

        data="{uid: 1, title: \'Great news\'}"
    ###PROJECT### news:
constants.PROJECT = TYPO3
lib.news {
    htmlSanitize = 1
    constants = 1
    plainTextStdWrap.noTrimWrap = || |
    plainTextStdWrap.dataWrap = |{CURRENT:1}

This will result in:

TYPO3 news: Great news


The f:format.html ViewHelper can now be utilized in more customized use cases.