Feature: #92861 - Introduce TCA option "min"

See forge#92861


The new TCA option min allows to define a minimum number of characters for fields of type input and text. This option simply adds a minlength attribute to the input field. If at least one character is typed in and the number of characters is less than min, the FormEngine marks the field as invalid, preventing the user to save the element.

When using min in combination with max, one has to make sure, the min value is less than or equal max. Otherwise the option is ignored.

Empty fields are not validated. If one needs to have non-empty values, it is recommended to use required => true in combination with min.


Integrators and developers are now able to define a minimum number of characters a simple text or textarea field should have. Editors are forced to provide the specified minimum amount of characters. An alert badge, similar to the one of the max value, will show, how many characters are missing.