Deprecation: #99201 - UserSessionManager->createFromGlobalCookieOrAnonymous

See forge#99201


The PHP method \TYPO3\CMS\Core\Session\UserSessionManager->createFromGlobalCookieOrAnonymous has been deprecated. It served as a low-level API to create a user session based on the superglobal $_COOKIE variable. However, the usage of PHP superglobals should be avoided in TYPO3 code. As TYPO3 Core is moving towards accessing request information via PSR-7 request attribute, this method is also deprecated, even though it was only introduced in TYPO3 v11.0.


Calling the method directly within PHP code of a third-party extension will trigger a PHP deprecation message.

Affected installations

The method was only introduced in TYPO3 v11.0, and only acted as a backwards-compatibility layer for using the UserSessionManager API class in legacy code, which is why it is very unlikely that this method is called directly in any TYPO3 extension. However, the Extension Scanner will pick up any usages of this method.

TYPO3 extensions usually do not use the UserSessionManager directly to create a user session.


The UserSessionManager API also provides the createFromRequestOrAnonymous(ServerRequestInterface $request) method when the API itself was added. The method achieves the same logic based on a PSR-7 request. Use this method instead and use PSR-7 as much as possible.