Deprecation: #99811 - Deprecate JavaScript bootstrap tooltip

See forge#99811


Bootstrap-related backend tooltips initiated with data-bs-toggle="tooltip" together with the core JavaScript class typo3/backend/tooltip.js have been marked as deprecated and should not be used anymore.


Loading typo3/backend/tooltip.js in a backend-related module will trigger a console.warn(). The module will vanish in TYPO3 v13.

Affected installations

Instances with extensions that add backend modules using the bootstrap-related tooltips plugin may be affected. A typical sign for this is using the data-bs-toggle="tooltip" attribute on elements, loading the JavaScript module typo3/backend/tooltip.js and calling Tooltip.initialize().


Some parts of the Core will fall back to the title attribute for now. However, both the bootstrap tooltips as well as the title attribute raise accessibility concerns. See MDN for more information on this. The Core will continue to improve the situation.