Feature: #100088 - New TCA type "json"

See forge#100088


In our effort of introducing dedicated TCA types for special use cases, a new TCA field type called json has been added to TYPO3 Core. Its main purpose is to simplify the TCA configuration when working with fields, containing JSON data. It therefore replaces the previously introduced dbtype=json of TCA type user.

Using the new type, TYPO3 automatically takes care of adding the corresponding database column.

The TCA type json features the following column configuration:

  • behaviour: allowLanguageSynchronization
  • cols
  • default
  • enableCodeEditor
  • fieldControl
  • fieldInformation
  • fieldWizard
  • placeholder
  • readOnly
  • required
  • rows

The following column configuration can be overwritten by page TSconfig:

  • cols
  • rows
  • readOnly


It is now possible to use a dedicated TCA type for rendering of JSON fields. Using the new TCA type, corresponding database columns are added automatically.