Feature: #100116 - Make PSR-7 request accessible for authentication services

See forge#100116


Authentication services can now access the PSR-7 request object via the $authInfo array. Previously, custom TYPO3 authentication services did not have direct access to the object and therefore had to either use PHP super globals or TYPO3's GeneralUtility::getIndpEnv() method.

The following example shows how to retrieve the PSR-7 request in the initAuth() method of a custom authentication service:

public function initAuth($mode, $loginData, $authInfo, $pObj)
    /** @var ServerRequestInterface $request */
    $request = $authInfo['request'];

    /** @var NormalizedParams $normalizedParams */
    $normalizedParams = $request->getAttribute('normalizedParams');
    $isHttps = $normalizedParams->isHttps();


Custom TYPO3 authentication services can now directly access the PSR-7 request object from the authentication process. It is available via the request key of the $authInfo array, which is handed over to the initAuth() method.