Feature: #97667 - Add keyboard support for Multiselect

See forge#97667


You are able to use the keyboard for selecting and deselecting options in Multiselect.

  • Enter adds options, either from right to left or left to right
  • Delete or Backspace removes an option for windows/mac users
  • Alt + ArrowUp moves the option one up
  • Alt + ArrowDown moves the option one down
  • Alt + Shift + ArrowUp moves it to the top
  • Alt + Shift + ArrowDown moves it to the bottom

More combinations are possible by default:

  • Shift + ArrowUp includes the upper option
  • Shift + ArrowDown includes the lower option
  • Home moves the cursor to the top
  • End move the cursor to the bottom


This currently affects the following TCA configurations:

  • 'type' => 'select', 'renderType' => 'selectMultipleSideBySide'
  • 'type' => 'group'
  • 'type' => 'folder'