Important: #100525 - Dropped usage of .text(-)-right and .text(-)-left classes

See forge#100525


The Core has dropped support for directional class names to better support RTL languages. We are now preferring the logical class names over the directional ones. This change also affects the default RTE configuration.

In summary, that means we are dropping the classes .text-right and .text-left and replacing them with their logical counterparts .text-end and .text-start.

We are still shipping the .text-right and .text-left classes with the default RTE content styling. Your content is persisted as is and we have no intention of changing this.

You will see the following:

  • Your content is still aligned as you set it once
  • The alignment button will not be active anymore for .text-left and .text-right
  • New alignments will now use .text-end and .text-start

While there is never a good time to introduce such a change, we still think this will benefit us all over time.

If you want to follow us on that route, we suggest that you add the following CSS to your frontend and or the custom CSS for your RTE.

.text-end {
    text-align: end;
.text-start {
    text-align: start;

See caniuse for compatibility, which is 96.23% at the time of writing. For example:

You need to adjust your RTE config, if you want to use the old classes.

        - { name: 'left', className: 'text-left' }
        - { name: 'center', className: 'text-center' }
        - { name: 'right', className: 'text-right' }
        - { name: 'justify', className: 'text-justify' }