Deprecation: #101554 - Obsolete TCA MM_hasUidField

See forge#101554


When configuring MM relations in TCA, the field MM_hasUidField has been obsoleted: A uid column is only needed when multiple is set to true - when a record is allowed to be selected multiple times in a relation. In this case, the uid field is added automatically by the database analyzer.


The TCA configuration option MM_hasUidField is obsolete and can be removed.

The TCA migration, which is performed during TCA warmup, will automatically remove this option and creates according log entries, if needed.

Affected installations

Instances with extensions using MM relations may be affected.


Remove all occurrences of php:MM_hasUidField from TCA. The uid column is added as primary key automatically, if multiple = true is set, otherwise a combined primary key of the fields uid_local, uid_foreign plus eventually tablenames and fieldname is used.