Feature: #102582 - Allow CLI command cleanup:localprocessedfiles to reset all records

See forge#102582


A new CLI Symfony command option --all is added to the CLI command bin/typo3 cleanup:localprocessedfiles that allows to reset all entries in the database to force re-creating processed files.

When developing FAL features or updating installations with large user-generated content in fileadmin storages, it may be helpful to clean the sys_file_processedfile database table completely to force a rebuild (i.e. when new FAL processors are added).

This table holds all locally generated processed files with specific crop or size variants (or references to unaltered originals, or "proxy" entries).

The new command option will also report the numbers of deleted records before execution, and allows you to review execution. It is not set by default.


It is now possible to use the --all CLI command option for bin/typo3 cleanup:localprocessedfiles that allows to not only clear missing processed files, but also existing ones.