Feature: #102586 - Introduce sortable Doctrine DBAL middleware registration

See forge#102586


TYPO3 v12 introduced the ability to register Doctrine DBAL driver middlewares for connections, using a simple 'identifier' => MyClass::class,' configuration schema.

TYPO3 v13 introduces Doctrine DBAL driver middleware registration on a global configuration level, allow extension authors to register middleware once but using it for all connections.

Global driver middlewares and connection driver middlewares are combined for a connection. The simple configuration approach introduced for the connection driver middlewares is no longer suitable for an easy dependency configuration or disabling a global driver middleware by connection.

The way to register and order PSR-15 middlewares has proven to be a reliable way, and understood by extension authors and integrators.

TYPO3 makes the global and connection driver middleware configuration sortable using the DependencyOrderingService (\TYPO3\CMS\Core\Service\DependencyOrderingService) similar to the PSR-15 middleware stack. Available structure for a middleware configuration is:

Basic driver middleware configuration array and PHPStan doc-block definition
/** @var array{target: string, disabled?: bool, after?: string[], before?: string[]} $middlewareConfiguration */
$middlewareConfiguration = [
  // target is required - for example use MyDriverMiddleware::class
  'target' => 'class fqdn',
  // disabled can be used to disable a global middleware for a specific
  // connection. This is optional and defaults to `false` if not provided
  'disabled' => false,
  // list of middleware identifiers, the current middleware should be registered after
  'after' => [
    // NOTE: Custom driver middleware should be registered after essential
    //       TYPO3 Core driver middlewares. Use the following identifiers
    //       to ensure that.
  // list of middleware identifiers, the current middleware should be registered before
  'before' => [

// Register global driver middleware
  = $middlewareConfiguration;

// Register connection driver middleware
  = $middlewareConfiguration;

// Simple disable a global driver middleware for a connection
$GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['DB']['Connections']['SecondDatabase']['driverMiddlewares']['global-driver-middleware-identifier'] = [
  // to disable a global driver middleware, setting disabled to true for a connection
  // is enough. Repeating target, after and/or before configuration is not required.
  'disabled' => false,


Using custom driver middlewares allows to enhance the functionality of Doctrine components for all connections or a specific connection and have control over the sorting configuration - and it's now also possible to disable global driver middleware for a specific connection.