Feature: #102586 - Introduce sortable Doctrine DBAL middleware registration

See forge#102586


TYPO3 v12 introduced the ability to register Doctrine DBAL driver middlewares for connections, using a simple 'identifier' => MyClass::class,' configuration schema.

TYPO3 v13 introduces Doctrine DBAL driver middleware registration on a global configuration level, allow extension authors to register middleware once but using it for all connections.

Global driver middlewares and connection driver middlewares are combined for a connection. The simple configuration approach introduced for the connection driver middlewares is no longer suitable for an easy dependency configuration or disabling a global driver middleware by connection.

The way to register and order PSR-15 middlewares has proven to be a reliable way, and understood by extension authors and integrators.

TYPO3 makes the global and connection driver middleware configuration sortable using the DependencyOrderingService (\TYPO3\CMS\Core\Service\DependencyOrderingService) similar to the PSR-15 middleware stack. Available structure for a middleware configuration is:

Basic driver middleware configuration array and PHPStan doc-block definition
/** @var array{target: string, disabled?: bool, after?: string[], before?: string[]} $middlewareConfiguration */
$middlewareConfiguration = [
  // target is required - for example use MyDriverMiddleware::class
  'target' => 'class fqdn',
  // disabled can be used to disable a global middleware for a specific
  // connection. This is optional and defaults to `false` if not provided
  'disabled' => false,
  // list of middleware identifiers, the current middleware should be registered after
  'after' => [
    // NOTE: Custom driver middleware should be registered after essential
    //       TYPO3 Core driver middlewares. Use the following identifiers
    //       to ensure that.
  // list of middleware identifiers, the current middleware should be registered before
  'before' => [

// Register global driver middleware
  = $middlewareConfiguration;

// Register connection driver middleware
  = $middlewareConfiguration;

// Simple disable a global driver middleware for a connection
$GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['DB']['Connections']['SecondDatabase']['driverMiddlewares']['global-driver-middleware-identifier'] = [
  // to disable a global driver middleware, setting disabled to true for a connection
  // is enough. Repeating target, after and/or before configuration is not required.
  'disabled' => false,


All custom driver middlewares, global or connection based, should be placed after the 'typo3/core/custom-platform-driver-middleware' and 'typo3/core/custom-pdo-driver-result-middleware' driver middleware to ensure essential Core driver middlewares has been processed first.


If ext:lowlevel is installed and active, a Doctrine DBAL Driver Middleware section is provided to view the raw middleware configuration and the ordered middleware for each connection.


Using custom driver middlewares allows to enhance the functionality of Doctrine components for all connections or a specific connection and have control over the sorting configuration - and it's now also possible to disable global driver middleware for a specific connection.