Feature: #99323 - PSR-14 event for modifying records after fetching content

See forge#99323


A new PSR-14 event \TYPO3\CMS\Frontend\ContentObject\Event\ModifyRecordsAfterFetchingContentEvent has been introduced which serves as a more powerful replacement for the now removed $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['SC_OPTIONS']['tslib/class.tslib_content_content.php']['modifyDBRow'] hook.

The event allows to modify the fetched records next to the possibility to manipulate most of the options, such as slide. Listeners are also able to set the final content and change the whole TypoScript configuration, used for further processing.

This can be achieved with the following methods:

  • getRecords()

  • getFinalContent()

  • getSlide()

  • getSlideCollect()

  • getSlideCollectReverse()

  • getSlideCollectFuzzy()

  • getConfiguration()

  • setRecords()

  • setFinalContent()

  • setSlide()

  • setSlideCollect()

  • setSlideCollectReverse()

  • setSlideCollectFuzzy()

  • setConfiguration()


The event listener class, using the PHP attribute #[AsEventListener] for registration:

use TYPO3\CMS\Frontend\ContentObject\Event\ModifyRecordsAfterFetchingContentEvent;

final class ModifyRecordsAfterFetchingContentEventListener
    public function __invoke(ModifyRecordsAfterFetchingContentEvent $event): void
        if ($event->getConfiguration()['table'] !== 'tt_content') {

        $records = array_reverse($event->getRecords());


Using the new PSR-14 event, it's now possible to modify the records fetched by the "Content" ContentObject, before they are being further processed, or even skip TYPO3's default processing of records by setting an empty array for the records to be rendered.

Additionally, next to the final content, also most of the options and the whole TypoScript configuration can be modified.