Feature: #99485 - Show the redirect integrity status

See forge#99485


The integrity check command checks redirects and displays the information in the CLI or in the status report. This status information is now used and stored on the redirect.

The command redirects:cleanup has been extended by the option integrityStatus. This allows you to remove specific redirects according to status.

The event \TYPO3\CMS\Redirects\Event\ModifyRedirectManagementControllerViewDataEvent has been extended by two new functions:

  • setIntegrityStatusCodes(): Allows to set integrityStatusCodes. Can be used to filter for integrityStatusCodes
  • getIntegrityStatusCodes(): Returns all integrityStatusCodes.


In the redirect module, the conflicting redirects are now marked. In addition, you can now filter for conflicting redirects.

In the redirects:checkintegrity command, the type of conflict is now displayed in the table.